Free Alternatives to Gmail and Outlook Focused on Privacy

Email is one of the most widely used communication tools, especially in the professional field. Hence, we must keep it safe. It is usual that when we decide to use a product or service we give our trust. If we were suspicious, we would not choose it. It happens with everything, and on the Internet, it has certain implications, such as privacy.

Alternatives to Gmail

How safe are your Dropbox or Google Drive files? Can your WhatsApp messages be intercepted? What happens to your email messages?

For some time now, the main online service providers have improved their security through encrypted connections. But you can always go further. In the case of email, although we all know Gmail or Outlook, there are alternatives focused on the privacy and protection of your data.

Let’s see several examples of free email providers, with the optional paid version, that have additional functions so that your emails do not fall into the wrong hands.


From Germany comes Tutanota, an email provider that gives us up to 1GB of space for free. It also integrates calendar, contacts, has its own domain and, of course, integrated search engine.

In the subject at hand, your email service comes encrypted from point to point. In addition, to access the mail you have two-step verification.

For the rest, Tutanota can be consulted from any browser, as usual, but it also has its own app for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.


In Switzerland is the headquarters of ProtonMail, one of the most popular secure and private email providers. Your free account supports up to 500 MB of storage, your own address, three labels or folders and up to 150 messages per day.

To access your mail you can use its webmail manager or its applications for iPhone and Android. And as a curiosity, its code is open so that anyone can analyze it for errors or vulnerabilities.

More interesting details. To create your ProtonMail account you do not need to give personal data. Encryption of connections when sending and receiving email is end-to-end encrypted. And in practice, your email manager is as comfortable as most are.


From Iceland, CTemplar is committed to the privacy of your email. To do this, it offers 4096-bit RSA encryption, does not require the personal information to create the account and has its own security system called 4 Wall Protection, protection of four walls in English.

The free version offers 1GB of storage, 10MB per file, 200 messages per day and encryption of attachments, content, contacts and sending via SSL / TLS.

More CTemplar security measures. Anti-phishing protection, two-step verification, anti-brute force protection, passwords are encrypted following the zero-knowledge method …

As an email manager, you have an app for Windows, macOS, Linux, iPhone and Android. It even has its own Onion address to access from Tor’s browser.


With OpenPGP encryption and digital signature, Mailfence is a Belgian email service that offers Web, POP, IMAP and SMTP support to access your messages from any device.

In this case, encryption occurs from the browser using OpenPGP peer-to-peer . Also, it uses two-step verification to log in. The free version allows you to store 500MB.

You will find more information about Mailfence’s security and privacy measures on its official page.

If you are concerned about the security of your communications, remember that by being a Movistar customer you will be able to take advantage of Secure Connection, a free service that protects Internet browsing of your lines both at home, by Wi-Fi, and abroad, by 3G / 4G.