LiteBlue USPS Gov Employee Login

USPS is the United States Postal Service and is the federal division of couriers. It also goes by other names like the Post Office, US Mail, or national postal services. Liteblue USPS  an entirely independent agency of the executive branch in the US Government. It is used by people working in the postal service all across the US. Today we are going to learn about Liteblue.

liteblue usps

It is the website used for internal communications within USPS. Every employee has access to an online employee ID and password to access the site. This website is used to connecting teams working in the same service all over the country. To know more about this service, go through this article. We will provide you with all the necessary information.

LiteBlue Login Procedure

All USPS employees have access to, which provides details such as work status and career advice. It also provides user credentials and setup instructions that allow users to log in at any time for reaching out of the department and work details.

It is important to know that this action can only be performed by authorized USPS personnel. If an illegitimate person attempts to enter the system, he is liable to strict legal action. Follow the instructions below to allow all employees to have access with a temporary username and password:

  • Start by opening the LiteBlue USPS employee login page. Here is the link for the same.
  • When you enter the page, you see that there are two text fields. You must enter the employee ID and password.
  • The employee ID is his work card number. For the password, administrators assign employees temporary passwords that users can change according to their convenience.
  • If you don’t remember your password, you can tap “forgot your password”. This will allow you to perform the procedure of resetting the password. A link will be dispatched to your registered email id, from where you can reset your password.
  • After resetting the password, enter the information on the sign-in page and tap the Login the tab.

The Advantages of Liteblue

The web administration and entrance have been being used for a long while now. All workers and related individuals approach the official entryway. There are different uses and highlights of the administration that the clients can profit. Here are the significant highlights that the USPS LiteBlue administration offers;

The LiteBlue administration is a web-based interface which the representatives of the United States Postal Services or “U.S. Post administrations” can access to deal with their work, acknowledgement, items and income relating subtleties legitimately.

  • It basically deals with the administrations and subtleties of the individual catalogues of the workers.
  • They share insights about explicit tasks to address the client’s issues in time.
  • The data with respect to mail requests and occupation following also has simple access for all clients.
  • Explicit business functionalities are likewise appropriate to the administrations like “PostalOne!”
  • Programmed plan preparing for shipment and mail drops to the goals.
  • Expanded record framework the executives through the catalogue for sometime later and records.
  • Secure login and access to the worker’s entry for the board of their records and capacities in it.
  • There is the simplicity of the stream of information and solicitation as indicated by progression levels.

Solar Foods Creating Food From Air

A company is producing flour using only air and water. It is a high protein flour that could be used as a substitute for any other type of flour or protein powder. It seems science fiction but a company claims to have achieved it. Solar Foods, a Finnish company, has managed to create food from the air. The product they get is a protein powder and they only use CO2, water and electricity to produce it. The powder contains 50% protein, 5-10% fat, 20-25% carbohydrates and tastes similar to that of wheat flour, according to the EMF.

Food From Air

The large amount of CO2 in our atmosphere is undoubtedly one of the biggest environmental problems on Earth. It would be amazing to be able to get rid of greenhouse gases while creating food.

How Do They Do That?

Solar Foods uses a process that captures the carbon present in the air, more specifically in CO2. Once you have separated it, it combines it with water, nutrients and vitamins, all with solar energy, which recreates a natural fermentation process. Solar Foods is using Finland’s natural air, one of the purest in existence.

Flour production is not dependent on soil, weather or rain, so it could be made in countries where agriculture is not possible or even used as food for astronauts. In fact, Solar Foods is already working with the European Space Agency to develop a system that can be used outside of our planet.

This protein produced from the air can be a solution for companies that make vegan “meat”, reducing its environmental impact by using a product that does not need to be grown.

It will begin to be included in products such as protein shakes and yoghurts
Solar Food plans to apply for a “Novel food” license that must be applied for new food that has not been used for human consumption.

Protein can acquire different textures through 3D printing (it can be grouped as fibres to imitate the texture of meat or bread) or it can be used simply as a condiment, as one more ingredient.

Solar Foods hopes to launch the product globally in 2021 when it estimates to produce about 2 million meals a year at a price of 5 euros per kilo.

Online Solutions to Publish Your CV on Video

It is not easy to get the attention of an employer. There is a lot of competition. Try a video where you can introduce yourself and project a good image. There is a topic that says looking for a job is a job in itself. And it is not as simple as signing up for all the offers you find out there. Based on your professional profile, resume or curriculum vitae, it is advisable to dedicate time to highlight the most important according to each offer and leave the best possible impression on whoever reads it.

Publish Your CV on Video

And in the society in which we live, where the image prevails over the text, it is convenient to know these dissemination channels. That is, instead of writing a resume, or as a compliment, it is also convenient to create a video where you present yourself professionally.

One option is to do it on well-known channels such as LinkedIn or YouTube, which make it easy to upload videos and spread them on other social networks. And you can also do it through specialized pages.


Behind the acronym, VCV hides an online service that facilitates video recording to let you know future employers. As easy as it is to record videos for Instagram. Literal. You just have to spend 5 minutes to record the video and publish it.

To make this possible, VCV helps you with four questions that you must answer. You can improvise or lean on a previous script, which will help you control your message and thus give a more professional image.

The videos created are private. They will only be visible by those who receive the link you send, that is, those responsible for human resources or employers. Otherwise, the service works from the browser, without the need to install or download anything.

Your VideoCV

Specially designed for Argentina, Chile, Panama and Uruguay, Your VideoCV helps you design your own video curriculum. In any case, you can use it wherever you live, although the job offers shown on the Web are from these countries.

The process is very simple. According to Tu VideoCV, it consists of three steps. As for the length of the video, it recommends a maximum of 120 seconds. And to advise you, it has a video tutorial explaining how to make your own CV on video.

Your VideoCV has an online version and an app for iPhone and Android. You can use it to create your own videos, find offers or search for employees in the aforementioned countries.


Available in several languages, Fyte4U is another solution with which to create an audiovisual resume where you show yourself the way you are. It has a Web version and mobile applications for iPhone and Android. And its operation is very simple.

On the one hand, you can design a written resume by filling in the fields with the keyboard or with the dictation function. Thus, you only have to speak and the app will write to you. The second step is to record the video itself.

In the end, you can share your video created with Fyte4U on social networks, messaging or through any tool you use. You can even take advantage and sign up at Morgan Philips, the company responsible for the video curriculum application.


With the help of templates, Wideo is a generic video recording and editing tool. It will help you create presentations, Instagram stories, promotions … And of course, a video resume.

In the videos, you can combine real images with drawings and animations. Otherwise, its duration depends on you. Of course, depending on whether you choose the free or paid version, you can create videos of between one and 30 minutes.

In addition, Wideo also offers backing music and stock videos to enrich your video content. Although if we talk about curriculum, the simpler the better.

Expand your training in digital skills

Do you want to further improve your CV? In this case, you can expand your digital skills through the Conecta Empleo platform. The platform in question offers free courses on topics related to communication, programming, cybersecurity, design, marketing, etc.

If you are a Fusion customer and have the UHD Decoder at home, you can also access training content from Movistar +. Enter the top menu, access the “Apps” section and click ” App-Connect Jobs “.

You also have available the online training offered by the Ibero-American training platform MiríadaX.

How Leptitox Supplement Helps To Lose Weight?

There are millions of people that are struggling with weight loss, but everything fails for them. Medicines, dieting, exercise, surgery nothing can ensure them a permanent weight loss. Before using you can check Leptitox reviews to know the details of it. Leptitox is a natural supplement designed after conducting multiple types of research and trials. Leptitox is a dietary supplement that is made of natural ingredients. It is designed to fight against targets leptin resistance, which makes weight loss nearly impossible.

Leptitox Reviews

How Does Leptitox Help?

Typically the body produces leptin in an adequate amount. When you become leptin resistance, you may feel hungry more often. That is why you always end up eating a lot more than others. So it’s not something that’s in your head but a real-time medical condition.

Leptin hormone is the primary element due to which the body system will encounter the situation of food craving. You will feel hungry, as soon as the level of leptin decreases. Those people who are having a low level of leptin, they will always feel hungry after a small time frame. This will bring the issues of overweight or obesity.

Leptitox is a Fantastic Supplement that will balance the course of leptin in the human body. It will also detoxify your body system and prevent it from any harmful toxins.

Ingredients In Leptitox Supplement

Leptitox is manufactured through the use of healthy ingredients which is entirely free from chemicals. Below we are listing down some of the critical and significant ingredients which are included in Leptitox.

Leptitox Review 2020

  • Apium Graveolens Seed: It is also useful as it completely detoxifies toxins such as EDC, DEHP, etc.
  • Milk Thistle or Marian Thistle: This ingredient will be playing an important role against the anti-ageing results within your body.
  • Jujube: This is one of the most potent ingredients which you will find in almost all weight loss supplements. This ingredient is responsible for detoxifying the ZEA endocrine disruptor.
  • Taraxacum Leaves: This ingredient will be ensuring the proper working of your joints. It is rich with Vitamin K content.
  • Grape Seed: Grape seed will be removing off all the results of the dangerous EDC cadmium. It is most commonly found in fruits or vegetables.
  • Alfalfa: Alfalfa is one of the ingredients which is mostly known for its massive health benefits. It helps improve your digestive system and liver functioning.

By going through the ingredient list, usage, scientific backing, and user reviews, it is clear that Leptitox is a permanent solution for obesity. Leptitox user reviews show that it has worked on 99% of its users and didn’t cause a single side effect.

However, if you are already diagnosed with a medical condition, using Leptitox will not treat it. It is just a dietary supplement designed to upgrade your health, and it naturally starts to maintain leptin levels. There is no magic, no rocket science, and absolutely no unbelievable promises of weight loss.

Free Alternatives to Gmail and Outlook Focused on Privacy

Email is one of the most widely used communication tools, especially in the professional field. Hence, we must keep it safe. It is usual that when we decide to use a product or service we give our trust. If we were suspicious, we would not choose it. It happens with everything, and on the Internet, it has certain implications, such as privacy.

Alternatives to Gmail

How safe are your Dropbox or Google Drive files? Can your WhatsApp messages be intercepted? What happens to your email messages?

For some time now, the main online service providers have improved their security through encrypted connections. But you can always go further. In the case of email, although we all know Gmail or Outlook, there are alternatives focused on the privacy and protection of your data.

Let’s see several examples of free email providers, with the optional paid version, that have additional functions so that your emails do not fall into the wrong hands.


From Germany comes Tutanota, an email provider that gives us up to 1GB of space for free. It also integrates calendar, contacts, has its own domain and, of course, integrated search engine.

In the subject at hand, your email service comes encrypted from point to point. In addition, to access the mail you have two-step verification.

For the rest, Tutanota can be consulted from any browser, as usual, but it also has its own app for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.


In Switzerland is the headquarters of ProtonMail, one of the most popular secure and private email providers. Your free account supports up to 500 MB of storage, your own address, three labels or folders and up to 150 messages per day.

To access your mail you can use its webmail manager or its applications for iPhone and Android. And as a curiosity, its code is open so that anyone can analyze it for errors or vulnerabilities.

More interesting details. To create your ProtonMail account you do not need to give personal data. Encryption of connections when sending and receiving email is end-to-end encrypted. And in practice, your email manager is as comfortable as most are.


From Iceland, CTemplar is committed to the privacy of your email. To do this, it offers 4096-bit RSA encryption, does not require the personal information to create the account and has its own security system called 4 Wall Protection, protection of four walls in English.

The free version offers 1GB of storage, 10MB per file, 200 messages per day and encryption of attachments, content, contacts and sending via SSL / TLS.

More CTemplar security measures. Anti-phishing protection, two-step verification, anti-brute force protection, passwords are encrypted following the zero-knowledge method …

As an email manager, you have an app for Windows, macOS, Linux, iPhone and Android. It even has its own Onion address to access from Tor’s browser.


With OpenPGP encryption and digital signature, Mailfence is a Belgian email service that offers Web, POP, IMAP and SMTP support to access your messages from any device.

In this case, encryption occurs from the browser using OpenPGP peer-to-peer . Also, it uses two-step verification to log in. The free version allows you to store 500MB.

You will find more information about Mailfence’s security and privacy measures on its official page.

If you are concerned about the security of your communications, remember that by being a Movistar customer you will be able to take advantage of Secure Connection, a free service that protects Internet browsing of your lines both at home, by Wi-Fi, and abroad, by 3G / 4G.

Pixar Ends Disney Distribution Deal

Disney has always been that place where princesses and princes ended up happy and eating partridges. Finally, the rules of the game are changing and Pixar brings up issues that have always been avoided in the company, such as homosexuality or machismo.


In January 2006, Walt Disney reached an agreement with Pixar shareholders to acquire it for $ 7.4 billion. Thus, both companies contributed the best of each one and went on to lead the world cinema animation.

The purchase took place because, mainly, Disney was experiencing losses in its income and its audience, while Pixar continued to add successes among its productions such as Toy Story or Monstruos, SA.

Pixar Dares to Go Further

Through the series of short Sparkshorts, Pixar delves into current affairs, which seem to escape the decisions of the entertainment giant. Disney has always been reticent to the proposal of more open narratives in terms of politics, society or sex.

Sparkshorts is a collection of animated shorts dealing with themes that Disney has failed to explicitly display. Examples of this are machismo, in ‘Purl’ or how to get out of the closet in ‘Out’ , the last one that the company has released and that has been a great step for inclusion.

On many occasions, Disney has been sued by ultra-Catholic or radical groups, who expressed their discomfort and disagreement with content a little more equal than normal.

One of the most recent examples is the one promoted by HazteOí, which launched a collection of signatures against the LGTB push in animated films. The origin was when Elsa, the protagonist of Frozen, was rumoured to be a lesbian. Finally, as we saw in the sequel, the young woman was not.

Thus, Disney has been pushed not only to follow the traditional model of stereotypical characters but also in terms of race and culture.

However, Pixar has spent years working on integration, both in front of and behind the cameras. From the racial perspective, Coco premiered, one of the first productions that escaped from the culturally normalized.

They have the power to educate the little ones

Beyond classrooms and families, television is a great educator for children – and adults. Although it is not always for the better, companies like Pixar work to make it so.

The short film Out aims to take a step towards the LGTBIQ + universe, as its protagonist is the first openly gay character that the studio has.

We still don’t know if it is simply a personal project of its creator, Steven Clay Hunter, or if, luckily for an inclusive society, it will be a declaration of intent towards a more open future.

Remember that Disney Plus is already available on Movistar, you only need to activate your subscription. Check if you already have it here.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Interventions in Sport

The eSports have become the main attraction of video games in recent years. This sports modality has managed to fill stadiums in order to witness the best teams on the planet.

Mental Health

On this occasion, we are talking about the Cloud9 team, one of the best-known teams in the gaming universe, which has created the ‘Presence of Mind’ initiative to raise awareness about the importance of the mental health of gamers and members of the video game community. The healthcare company Kaiser Permanente is also involved in this initiative.

Presence of Mind

Its objective is to help Cloud9 players themselves work on their own mental health and, subsequently, on their followers to tackle these types of problems and put aside those biases related to this area.

This initiative consists of three phases, the first is to provide help in the mental health of the players and the technical staff of Cloud 9; The second is the creation of a series on Twitch focused on raising awareness on this topic. Lastly, educate community moderators and create positive discussions related to mental health.

The Cloud9 League of Legends team will especially receive this type of aid since its division is one of the most demanding in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). Jack Etienne, the founder of Cloud9, explained in an interview on The Verge that “LOL players are under tremendous pressure in order to achieve success.”

This training would take place between the spring and summer seasons since its performance is lower compared to the rest of the year.

It is also a great help when sending this message to fans because Cloud9 has been part of the LCS since 2013 and has more than a million followers on social networks like Twitter.

A Series on Twitch

The two companies that are part of the initiative want to transmit this message on the Twitch streaming platform, one of the most used by many video game players.

As both parties have shown, the series will consist of players and Kaiser Permanente experts connecting in different episodes to talk about games and mental health.

They would also talk about how to deal with situations like the current one with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no official release date, but everything indicates that the series will be released in June.

“This initiative could not come at a time when support among all is now most needed,” said Jack Etienne.